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My Bedtime Routine & Night Rituals.

For me, a good night’s rest is a cure for nearly everything. It’s best achieved in my own bed and on my own, so I don't have to worry about people fidgeting or whether I am farting in my sleep.I find that when I keep these ‘little rituals’, if you will, not only do I ...

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New Vegan Multivitamins On The Block!

I have been vegan for over two years now, and I have done a lot of my own research into nutrition and exactly what our body needs for optimal health and vitality, whether we are vegan or not.Through extensive research and after attending various events, courses and seminars, I have discovered that no matter what ...

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Hydrafacial Review @ Debbie Thomas Clinic.

I am a sceptic when it comes to facials. I’ve had the facials when they apply lots of useless fancy-sounding products with cotton pads, then, 30 minutes later and £30 lighter, not a lot has changed. I’ve also tried the expensive facials on Harley Street.  After these facials, I’ve had to apologise for my 'blushing' red face ...

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Fall in love with Lake Como in pictures.

Some places you visit and they can't be put into words. Lake Como is that place for me, not that my vocabulary is not big enough (although maybe it isn't) it simply is ineffable, that's a big word you can look up! I had the pleasure of visiting this majestic lake back in July 2015, although ...

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The Best New Vegan Restaurants In Miami

I came, I saw, I ate my way through Miami at the freshest, hottest healthy eateries – sponsored by Open World Travel! (not a bad job, eh?)   So, after eating some amazing dishes and meeting some amazing people along the way, I have compiled a round-up of my TOP recommendations for the BEST vegan eateries, which have recently opened in Miami. All ...

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Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen – Bath

I have been working non-stop lately with my website re-launch as well as other various projects, doing 12-hour days. Do you think I've got time to be chasing Pokemon? So, a day trip to Bath for a spa day and to check out some of Bath's vegan restaurants sounded like the best idea since cauliflower buffalo wings.    The ...

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