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Delicious Mushroom & Spinach Vegan Pie

Although we are in the summer at the moment, but it is always the right season to have a yummy pie right? Anybody who has tried this pie have all LOVED IT, and went for seconds and thirds (if there is enough left!) Vegan Ingredients:  Organic Vegan Gravy Granules.  Organic Caramelised Onion Gravy  Himalayan Pink Salt - Himalayan Salt is actually ...

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The Best New Vegan Restaurants In Miami

I came, I saw, I ate my way through Miami at the freshest, hottest healthy eateries – sponsored by Open World Travel! (not a bad job, eh?)   So, after eating some amazing dishes and meeting some amazing people along the way, I have compiled a round-up of my TOP recommendations for the BEST vegan eateries, which have recently opened in Miami. All ...

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Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen – Bath

I have been working non-stop lately with my website re-launch as well as other various projects, doing 12-hour days. Do you think I've got time to be chasing Pokemon? So, a day trip to Bath for a spa day and to check out some of Bath's vegan restaurants sounded like the best idea since cauliflower buffalo wings.    The ...

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Eco-friendly Ekies All Senses Resort – Halkidiki

Back in October 2015, I visited for a romantic, relaxing weekend after seeing it was one of the resorts recommended by Condé Nast Traveller and had won best beach resort in Europe award this year! Since she was a child, Alexandra, the owner of the seasonal hotel, dreamed of creating a place like this, filled with love ...

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Zening Yoga Retreat, North Cyprus

As a yoga enthusiast, I crave solo wellbeing holidays to get away from everything and everybody. I need to realign my mind, body and spirit and focus purely on my yoga practice and deepening my connection with myself. Back in October 2014, this led me to book a five-day yoga retreat at the Zening Resort in ...

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Hot-Air Balloons & Cave Suites in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is an incredibly scenic region in Turkey; rich in history, beauty and the world's most popular location for watching the sunrise or sunset in a hot air balloon. To do that was a dream of mine.  As soon as we landed in the warm, 20-degree heat, we noticed the snow-capped mountains that populated the landscape.  As part of my press trip with ...

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